Specialist Driving Instructor

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Still the Midlands only carbon-zero driving school (as of December 2019)

An Approved Driving Instructor, operating in Wolverhampton and the Black Country. As a qualified nurse with extensive experience in special educational needs, dyslexia, and anxiety, I have rapidly gained a reputation as the go-to instructor in the Wolverhampton and West Midlands region.

I am also capable in British Sign Language (Signature L1) and can assist members of the deaf community to become drivers.

Environmental policy update

In accordance with our Environmental Policy, we have previously offered a financial incentive to customers who chose two-hour lessons instead of a one-hour lesson. This has had the desired effect of discouraging one-hour lessons and reducing unnecessary mileage between customers and also allowed us to offset the additional mileage in accredited carbon-reduction schemes.

This policy has been so successful that we have decided to stop offering one-hour lessons to new customers. We will continue to offer a financial incentive to customers who use public transport to attend lessons locally, rather than the instructor driving longer distances to the customer’s home, thus further reducing unnecessary car-mileage and the resulting carbon emissions.

Prices (From 1st January 2020)

Zone 1 (up to 5 miles from WV1)
Pay-as-you-Go: 2 hours £55
Pay-in-Advance: 5 x 2 hours £265

Zone 2 (up to 7.5 miles from WV1)
Pay-as-you-go: 2 hours £65
Pay-in-advance: 5 x 2 hours £315

Other areas email for prices.